Using Hedge to Get Ahead in Craps

Of all the games you can play in the casino craps is perhaps the most physically challenging. True, it doesn’t take an Olympic bench presser to roll the dice onto the table. View this from a mental aspect. Your brain is operating at a million miles per second and you’re using every thinkable trick in the book to come out on top. This is all tremendous pressure for some. It may not hit you immediately but later on your body will reap the effects. Winning at craps takes planning and great technique. Online craps doesn’t exactly measure up to the intensity of the casino version but can be rather challenging as well. If there’s a chance of handicapping the dealer, why not do it? The hedge system was created just for that and is an easy way to get ahead of the game.


Rumor goes that the (Parity) hedge system was created by a team of Las Vegas geniuses. When they weren’t on the job advancing technology, they were at the casino testing other strategies. Combining mathematics into the game of craps, this group developed a system to slowly but surely move ahead of Las Vegas dealers. They performed in stealth mode in order stay under casino radars. While the hedge procedure eventually slipped into the hands of other gamblers, it is said that this innovative team was never found out and their identities remain a mystery to this day.

Using a hedge bet is rather common in online craps games. This process is done by breaking a single bet down into two separate gambles. The reason for this is to increase winning odds and keep a player in the game for a longer amount of time. That extra bet has the ability to cancel out the original. While the amounts aren’t normally much money, it is profit and could get you on a hot streak.


Depending on the website, you typically win money or credit for both your individual bet and the hedge. For instance, if your don’t pass wage is for $20 on a point of six or eight, you can make an additional bet on that same number at $18. If a seven happens to roll, your winnings total $20 even though you lost $18 in the process. Still you earned a profit of $2, small but positive just the same. Via the online crap table you’re usually rewarded your $20 for the original bet plus the additional $20 on the hedge. Similar scenario: say the point is at four or ten. You have the option to bet on either number for $15. Seven rolls across the table; win twenty and lose fifteen, a five dollar plus. If you’re lucky enough to make point, you lose twenty but move $7 ahead of that with your hedge bet.

Many play online craps strictly for recreational purposes. When no physical money is on the line, you’re open to a variety of options and techniques. You’re not liable to break the dealer by placing hedge bets but slowly stacking chips is very possible. Many people are using the system effectively. Why not give this method a try and see if it works for you?