Accessorize Your Man with the Nato Watch Strap

Over the years, the look of the watch strap has transitioned from the metal chain bracelet to leather and woven cloth wrist straps. Offering portable fastenings for watches is the norm for today. So the shopper now has a wide variety of watch straps made from different materials for many brands of watches. One unique strap, the Nato strap was created for the British military in 1973. Originally referred to as the “G10”, the Nato strap is available from today at a very reasonable cost. Buy the heavy watch strap in solid or multi-colored ballistic nylon or the lighter weight nylon straps in the classic or premium classes. If you prefer leather the Nato strap also comes in rustic or refined leather.

Shoppers will find the wearers of the Nato strap wear it to accessorize any number of watches from the Patek Philippe and the Rolex down to Citizen brands. It is successfully worn with both luxury and casual watches demonstrating its versatility. This versatility is further illustrated in the materials used to make the straps.


The Nato watch strap comes in many leather treatments including ostrich, vintage, a worn looking leather, distressed leather, saddle leather and suede. For a sportier look, the wearer might choose the RAF Nato strap in bold color combinations or the more subtle tones captured in the classic army camouflage or desert camouflage straps. Buy it in a one-piece or a two-piece strap.

The classic Nato is one-piece with additional length extending from the buckle side. The one-piece is as simple as it sounds and simply laces through the lugs on the watch to fasten with a black or silver buckle. The two-piece wrist strap must be attached using a watch pin or a standard watch screw. It comes in a soft comfortable nylon and has a quick release band. This Nato strap is made in solid, printed or woven in multi-colors, making it the perfect addition for both formal and casual situations.

Beyond color or material, the next option is the width of the strap, which could match the lug’s width exactly or be slightly narrower to create a different look. The available widths are the narrowest 13mm to 16, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 24 and up to 26 mm. The concept behind the look of the Nato watch strap is to promote the look of an active life style and the look of masculinity in a watch strap. The Nov 15 – Nato watch strap personifies that look in all its various designs.