Frustrated Because of Your Damaged Hair

There are many salons out there that offer different kinds of treatment for all kinds of damaged hair, but it can be quite vexing to make regular trips to the salon for treatment sessions. Not to mention that if you turn to salons for a quick fix, you won’t just be paying for the products and what not used for the treatment, but also the hairstylist or whoever will be doing the procedure for you. Of course, you can buy hair extensions for your hair, check out the online store.People nowadays want to opt for convenience, and as a result damaged hair is becoming more and more of a concern to women all over the world who want the best options.

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Fortunately, through the combined efforts of stylists and scientists, research has been made and collated based on what remedies can be done without regular trips to the salon. This means that there are now ways to fix damaged hair without leaving your house and without paying a stylist because you can do all these things all by yourself! Here are top ways to gain healthy hair at home.

The first home remedy is a good oil massage. Whether you have only almond oil, coconut oil, or olive oil at home, any oil can be used for this procedure.

So how does it work? See, massaging your scalp promotes good circulation of blood in your head, which is important for hair growth and overall health. For beautiful tresses, who knew that your fingers and a bit of oil could be enough?

Have you ever heard of a banana hair mask? No? Well, now you do, because there is such a thing as a banana hair mask! It’s usually made by mashing bananas and mixing in a few tablespoons of honey, which is then directly applied onto hair and rinsed after a few minutes. For dry and dull hair, it is recommended to use this remedy at least once a week for the best results.

In addition to bananas, there are other materials at home which may be used as a remedy for damaged hair. One example is eggs. Raw eggs, to be precise. This is because eggs are rich in protein which helps make hair follicles stronger. Having strong hair follicles results to not only beautiful and healthy hair but also one that is hard to break.

Knowing that eggs are healthy for your hair, it is then understandable why mayonnaise would be a good home remedy for damaged hair as well because it is made of egg yolks. In addition to eggs and mayonnaise, other possible home remedies include applying honey, fenugreek seeds, beer, amla, and apple cider vinegar. All these are accessible, and all promote voluptuous, healthy, and amazing hair.

Lastly, strawberries can also be used to repair damaged hair. Similar to the banana, a hair mask can be made out of it and directly applied onto hair and left for a few minutes (which is then repeated weekly) to see visible results. They serve as natural hair conditioners, and are fairly easy to use!

The beauty about all of these home remedies is that not only do they cost less, but it only takes a few minutes to prepare and isn’t much of a hassle! Healthy, undamaged hair is now right at your fingertips, literally!