Maintain Lands with Farmall Cub

Farmall Cub, or simply Cub, is one of the smallest tractors made around the world. It was manufactured by International Harvester under different names like International, Framall, and McCormick Deering from 1947 till 1981. There were actually three series of this tractor namely Farmall Cub, International Cub, and finally the New International Cub. It was only the Farmall Cub that boasted of L-head engine.

The aim of the company behind manufacturing such a small tractor was to help small farmers with small pieces of lands. The engineers of the company wanted to make a machine that could easily replace a horse or a mule at the farm for ploughing or tilling purposes. Farmall Cub could be used effectively for tilling up to 40 acres of land or to provide help to large tractors at big farms and gardens. The company made available 7-8 implement along with this small tractor to help the farmers. These included plow, sickle bar mower, disc back blade, front end loader, and a belly mower. Farmall Cub introduced the concept of cultivision as it gave the liberty to the driver to offset the tractor to the left with the steering to his right. This allowed the driver to have an unobstructed view of the belly mounted cultivator. It is hard to even imagine that this powerful and versatile vehicle was being sold for a mere $545 in the year 1947. It is undoubtedly the most popular of small tractors around the world in history.

Farmall Cub remains a very popular farm vehicle even today, after more than 50 years of its introduction. The reason behind its popularity remains the same which was there way back in 1947. Today, Farmall Cub is being used to mow large lawns and golf courses with a belly mower being attached to it. It is also used by gardeners growing vegetables on a large scale. The concept of cultivision still remains unbeatable, especially for the growers cultivating rows of vegetables.

Farmall Cub was small in comparison to the large tractors and it sat over a wheelbase of 69.25 inches. The tractor used a 4 cylinder diesel engine having L head. The C-60 engine produced a power of 9.25HP at 1600rpm. There were a series of engines used for International Cub peaking at 15 HP. Farmall introduced Lo-Boy in the year 1955. It was actually a lowered version of the Standard model. The tractor could be lowered by 7-8 inches by rotating the rear axle housing of the Standard Cub. There were other modifications also, including lowering of front axle and shortening of wheelbase. Because of these changes, the centre of gravity of the tractor was lowered and its turning radius was reduced. This meant that the tractor became easier to manoeuvre for the farmers. There were many upgrades of this Lo-Boy model of Farmall Cub over the years.

Farmall Cub was not only manufactured in America but also in other places in Europe. There was a factory in France where International Harvester manufactured these small tractors. They were aptly named French Cubs. These small farm machines were christened Super Cub when they were fitted with a more powerful engine. It is not official but these Super Cubs were also produced by the factory at Louisville.

The production of Cub was finally stopped at the Louisville factory in the year 1981. Between 1947 and 1981, the company manufactured and sold more than 250000 small tractors. This sales figure is enough to tell the story of the most popular small tractor around the world. It was so versatile that this small tractor can be seen working in farms around the world even today.

If you are interested, you can easily find a Farmall Cub for sale today. It may have been sold for just $545 in 1947 but you may have to shell out more than $1000 for a used and second hand tractor today. Depending upon the availability of spare parts and the condition in which it has been maintained, do not be shocked if the asking price for Farmall Cub for sale is close to $3500. These small wonders are well worth every penny that you spend on them in present times.