Online Shopping at Lowe’s

Lowe’s is a pretty gigantic shopping chain, so it’s no surprise to find that, like everyone, they’ve moved online. This is great news for a shop that, by its nature, is normally enormous: It means their customers can browse through a list on a website rather than a mile-long shop, which saves everyone a lot of time and effort, and it saves the company money It’s also arguably good for the environment (it’s better to have a few trucks drive deliveries to a few dozen homes than for dozens of people to drive their cars out to one store) Not only that, if you shop smart and use all the cashback deals, coupons and limited-time offers out there, it could save you a lot of money, too: Exactly what you need when you’re making expensive home improvements!

Online Shopping

Since spring is in the air it’s definitely the right time of year to start thinking of making a few home-improvements and Lowe’s is the way to do it. And if you shop through you’ll get 2.0% cashback, straight off the bat, even before you get to using all the many coupons and special deals on offer. 2.0% might not sound like a huge amount but when you’re spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars as you easily can for even small home improvements or replacing just one appliance), it’s very valuable indeed.

Because, in addition to the cashback, Ebates has loads of great digital Lowe’s coupons, offering deals on all kinds of things, from shipping to furniture – most of them don’t even need a code, so you can start your shopping instantly and hassle-free. You can easily save hundreds of dollars just by doing your shopping via Ebates. Deals currently on offer include free parcel shipping on any order, up to 20% off on a whole range of brands and hundreds of dollars off individual items from ovens to dishwashers, so when you’ve finished trying to fix your appliances yourself you can get a replacement at a great, low price.

The various Lowe’s Canada deals on offer range from loads of money off of specific products to general savings as a reward for shopping online (businesses love you to shop online because the digital market is growing and it saves them money, so you may as well take advantage of special offers while they last and make sure businesses are passing their savings along to you, the customer). What’s clear is that Lowe’s rightly recognise that people who want to improve their home don’t always want to leave it to go shopping, and they’re promoting their online stores for that reason, too.

If you notice you have an old hardcopy of a Lowe’s Canada coupon, don’t worry: You can still use it online by typing in the code on the coupon and rest easy (as long as the coupon hasn’t passed its expiry date).

So it’s about time to stop reading and start doing. Get yourself over to Lowe’s – or their website – and get home-improving!

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