Top Holiday Packing Tips

“It’s that time of year again already – we’ve barely used up the last of the leftover turkey before we start dreaming of our summer vacation. The snow which was so appealing before Christmas is now just a gray sludge which makes everything wet and dirty – we’ve had enough. We want sunshine . . . and beaches . . . and long, lazy lunches.

Top Holiday Packing Tips

Whilst we’ve still got plenty of time to dream about our ideal destinations, let’s put just a little thought into what we should pack for the great event.

The buzz word when it comes to holiday packing is to travel light – do you really need to take your entire makeup train case girls? Surely just a small make-up bag with a few essentials will do just fine – a lip balm, moisturizer and a dash of mascara are probably all that is required.

Here are a few ideas about how you can pack like a pro which means that you’ll have everything you need, it will all arrive in great condition and you won’t carry half of your wardrobe across the world just to carry it back again.

1 – Lay out everything you think you might need on your bed before cutting it in half. Focus and think about how many items you’ve taken with you previously which have come back unworn. Just concentrate on taking the items which make you feel comfortable and that you will actually wear.

2 – Think about what type of holiday you’ll have and what you’ll actually be doing. You need to pack different things if you are planning an activity holiday or will be doing lots of city sightseeing than if your idea of utopia is to glide from the beach to the swimming pool and back again. Take the things you will need to wear to do whatever it is you are going to do.

3 – Remember color co-ordination. If you pack your clothes in color code you can always be sure to have outfits which go together. There’s no point in taking along your favorite shoes if you have nothing to wear with them.

4 – Bury your shoes. Pack them in the bottom of the case and pack your underwear around them, this can help to save lots of space. It’s surprising how much space you can waste if you don’t pack your bag the right way.

5 – Roll it up, and that means everything that can be rolled should be rolled. This helps to negate creasing. Even if you take a tailored jacket turn it inside out, tuck the sleeves in and it will arrive at your destination relatively crease free.


6 – Take plenty of swimwear if you are heading for the beach or the swimming pool. The beauty of bikinis and swimming costumes is that they take up very little space so you can take as many as you want.


7 – Don’t forget to take a couple of nice dresses, they literally scream out “holiday glam” and can be worn down in the daytime with a pair of flip-flops or glammed up in the evenings with heels and lip gloss. How’s that for easy packing?

8 – Add a scarf or two. Accessories can really help to change a core outfit and scarves are one of the best and easiest accessories to take with you. They take up very little space yet can make a big difference to an outfit.
It’s also a good idea to carry your toiletries in a small, lightweight bag (particularly if you will be flying).